Lynette Russell (Fall 2010)

Description of the classroom:
This unit plan is designed for an inclusion pre-kindergarten classroom. The classroom consists of 12 regular education students and nine students that have individualized education plans and specific special education needs. As a teacher in this classroom I must plan for students with learning disabilities, ADHD and language disabilities as well as student that are performing at and above grade level. There are also four students who speak English as a second language. The classroom has one general education teacher, one general education paraprofessional, one special education teacher and two special education paraprofessionals.
Subject/ Topic of the lesson:
This unit is called Seasons All Around. In the unit Seasons All Around children will be introduced to early number concepts and will practice matching numbers to sets. I will be applying differentiated strategies to the math portion of this unit. The math lessons will include mini-lessons for one-to-one counting. This is because pre-assessments and earlier observations showed that some of my students with learning disabilities were inconsistent with this skill. I have also included the opportunity for cooperative learning to help support their progress in this area of math. For my students with ADHD I have included assessments that can be conducted during play and during natural occurrences within the classroom. I have found that paper and pencil assessments are inappropriate and do not yield the most honest picture of my student’s abilities. For students with language disabilities I was sure to make the unit heavy with activities that did not entirely rely on the student’s ability to orally prove mastery. Most activities require students to perform hands on activities instead of reciting or telling answers. I further had to adjust the lesson to appropriately address students who currently demonstrated the ability to build sets and count objects. I incorporated small group lessons that allow for these students to use the targeted skills in real world instances.
Unit Overview
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