Fairy Tale Unit - Toddler/Preschool

Differentiated Instruction

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
Reading books on Fairy Tales
Theme related art projects
Dramatic Play set up for Fairy Tales
Dramatic Play set up for Fairy Tales
Walking in the forest field trip
Dancing to Laurie Berkner’s “Do the Dragon.”
Moving around during pretend play (e.g., pretending to be a dragon)
Singing “Do the Dragon.”
Encouraging cooperative pretend play in the dramatic play area of the class.
Individual art projects and expression.
Individually “reading” fairy tale books.

Reading text from the Civil War time period.
Early phonological awareness theme related activities (e.g., clapping out syllable of different Fairy Tale words such as cin der el la)
Early theme related patterning activities (e.g., crown, castle, crown, castle, crown)
Shape hunt with castle shapes

Differentiated Instruction

Building on child learning from where their starting point.
Encourage growth in all developmental domains.
Individually assessing children on developmental progress
Culminating project equaling the same value as an exam letting students choose an area of interest.
Participation in all classroom activities with in their ability.

Cooperative Learning

  • Encourage cooperative dramatic play, theme related.
  • Provide negotiating and problem solving scripts to encourage independent problem solving skills.
  • Encourage cooperative play and interactions between peers.

  • Developmental checklist - a checklist that denotes ability to do a skill in different areas of development.
  • Narrative Summary report - a written report that gives a detailed description of where the child is performing at in all different developmental domains.


  • Introducing technology through dramatic play. Using cameras, key boards and other electronics in play.
  • Virtual field trips - Using digital media to take children on a virtual field trip when an actual field trip is not possible.